Hi. We're Deano and Jo. We play a slightly skewed take on classic honky tonk and bluegrass sounds of the 50s and 60s, both originals and lesser known covers. Dean is also in Chicago's Waco Brothers. Jo is the singer in Austin's nototious Meat Purveyors. Dean plays solo as "Ramblin' Deano". We live in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our dogs are named Biscuit and Cleoma. 

Our new record is out now! You can listen and purchase on our Bandcamp page here.

"Here we are in June and the early favorite for album of the year is an unassuming self-titled collection of songs by Deano and Jo, aka Dean Schlabowske (of Chicago’s Waco Brothers—he also has erstwhile roots in Milwaukee’s ‘80s music scene) and Jo Walston (of Austin’s Meat Purveyors). 

Now based in Louisiana, the duo have crafted an album of Schlabowske’s originals and choice covers that recalls the days when AM country radio was a melting pot straddling tradition while leaning cautiously into the future, and lousy with duet acts like George & Tammy, Loretta & Faron, Porter & Dolly and Glen and Bobbie. 

Brimming with honky tonk shuffles, snappy instrumentation and heartfelt ballads, their duets are a natural blend. “Murline” suggests a Gram and Emmylou outtake. Deano’s spotlight tune vocals recall legendary country music archetypes without falling prey to cheap nostalgia. The prize in the crackerjacks though are Jo’s feature songs. The sincerity is genuine; “I Just Can’t Let You Go” is reminiscent of Begonias, the overlooked gem of an album by  Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell. Other times Jo romps wild like Rose Maddox on “Down, Down, Down.” 

A complaint? At a mere baker’s dozen tunes, the album is over too quickly. Leave us wanting more, I guess."
Shepherd Express, MIlwaukee, WI

"Collaborators and romantic partners based in Lafayette, Louisiana, they have a saucy, dazzling background — Dean Schlabowske of Chicago’s notorious Waco Brothers and “Jo” is Jo Walston of Austin’s Meat Purveyors. Deano & Jo is a flame-tasting serving in a chilly deep glass of Dean’s original songs and classic but lesser-known covers from bluegrass and honky-tonk greats.The fiery, foot-stomping full-length is old-school enough to appeal to traditionalists, but with enough edge to put a foot in the Alt-Country/Americana world."

 East Portland Blog, Portland, OR


Cover artwork by Jon Langford