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Oldies alert- Deano's first recording with The Meat Purveyors  

About 10 years ago (yikes!), I went into the studio with my pals in The Meat Purveyors to record an album, which I then posted on WFMU's Free Music Archive in 2009. According to the site, it's been downloaded over 15,000 times! If you don't already have this material, I'd humbly suggest that you go grab it

As usual, I'd appreciate it if you'd throw a few bones in the tip jar. 

  1. Workin' For The Devil

FREE 11 song download- Ramblin' Deano- America's Favorite Folk Singer 

Click here to listen or download the free tunes.... And buy me a beer! Consider the donation button above!

About the project... 

Inspired by the the folk revival of the 1950s and 1960s, I wanted to write a set of acoustic songs that stuck to very simple chord progressions and melodies but that did not overtly reflect any specific genre of Americana. I wanted the lyrics to be straightforward- creative but without much attempt at poetry. The subjects are mostly political but I hope that they're injected with enough humor to avoid sounding preachy. 

The recording was done on a desktop computer with one cheap mic. Most of the music that inspired these songs was recorded with the equivalent technology of the time. Maybe, if this project has some minor success, I'll record the next one with a great engineer, using a $10,000 microphone! 

Lastly, the business model is to give the recording away but hope, if you like it, you'll throw in whatever tip you can afford. The idea being to bypass the business side of the music business altogether- to be a singer not a salesman.

New 7" vinyl and downloads from TV White, my Austin-based, noisy pop band 

Formed while I lived in Austin with my pals (and Austin's hardest working rhythm section) Hunter Darby and Steve McCarthy. The idea behind TV White was to have an outlet for my not-so-rootsy songwriting. I was also shooting for a recording that sounds less produced- like a band playing in a room, which I think our engineer Allan Gill achieved nicely. We left the mistakes in and kept the needles in the red. Click here to download or order the 7" and I'll rush yours to the post office today!