Singer/songwriter Ramblin’ Deano’s new album, “Pills, Puppies, and Bacon” demonstrates what happens when bluegrass flare and punk rock ideology combine....political aggression, as well as commentary on the state of the world and our reliance on technology, and a bit of humor as well. If you have a fondness for Americana, this album is a must-listen.” - Alan Hallas

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The songs of Ramblin’ Deano are protest tunes played out via aggressive folk music and intelligent blasts of acoustic punk. It’s fitting, coming from a founding member of the Chicago insurgent country band Waco Brothers, a group of barroom misfits with rowdy musical prowess.” - Bryant Liggett

DGO Magazine

For the eleven songs on his new digital album, he re-envisions himself as “Ramblin’ Deano,” a hard-traveling troubadour in the tradition of Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs, and the pre-electric Dylan, brilliantly using the concept to present bare-bones topical songs about the Trump era that sound like they come straight from the early 60s, making it clear that the more things change, the more they stay the same.” - Ron Ehmke

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Deano & Bisquit, preparing for a pandemic basement livestream

Deano & Bisquit, preparing for a pandemic basement livestream

America's Favorite Folksinger

America's Favorite Folksinger

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