Hi. We're Deano and Jo. We play a slightly skewed take on classic honky tonk and bluegrass sounds of the 50s and 60s, both originals and lesser known covers. Dean is also in Chicago's Waco Brothers. Jo is the singer in Austin's nototious Meat Purveyors. Dean plays solo as "Ramblin' Deano". We live in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our dogs are named Biscuit and Cleoma. 

Our new record will be released on June 30th! You can listen and purchase on our Bandcamp page here.

"Collaborators and romantic partners based in Lafayette, Louisiana, they have a saucy, dazzling background — Dean Schlabowske of Chicago’s notorious Waco Brothers and “Jo” is Jo Walston of Austin’s Meat Purveyors. Deano & Jo is a flame-tasting serving in a chilly deep glass of Dean’s original songs and classic but lesser-known covers from bluegrass and honky-tonk greats.The fiery, foot-stomping full-length is old-school enough to appeal to traditionalists, but with enough edge to put a foot in the Alt-Country/Americana world."

 East Portland Blog, Portland, OR

"The songs of Ramblin’ Deano are protest tunes played out via aggressive folk music and intelligent blasts of acoustic punk. It’s fitting, coming from a founding member of the Chicago insurgent country band Waco Brothers, a group of barroom misfits with rowdy musical prowess."

DGO Weekly, Durango, CO

Cover artwork by Jon Langford